Is Hatred America’s Most Prolific Export?

Anyone who has been alive for the last five decades, and lived in America, can certainly feel a palpable difference in how everyday Americans interact with one another. Stress levels have increased with debt levels, both personal and for governments both state and federal. It’s as though citizens can sense the value of all they’ve worked so hard to acquire over their lifetimes is about to evaporate in a depression-ary wave like no other witnessed. That is due to all the free money the federal government has printed since the United States abandoned the gold standard in 1971. By forcing governments to abide by a strict standard requiring every dollar in circulation to be backed by a fixed amount of the precious metal it keeps those politicians honest, in that they cannot spend more than we have.

Now, in 2015, we have over eighteen trillion dollars in debt, and that is only what the government admits to owing. In reality, when you take into account all of the unfunded liabilities, some estimates have the U.S.’s portion alone near 275 trillion dollars. Let that sink in. It’s almost as though someone (or the relative few who actually control the world through privately held central banks) had access to the printing presses and simply kept them running for their own benefit. Hmm.

What makes the impending depression worse than any other we’ve experienced is that this time it’s truly global. Over the decades the United States has convinced countries across the globe that our way of operating is truly the best way to freedom, and they have embraced it whole-heartedly; racking up trillions of dollars of debt of their own that has become unsustainable. But why?

Hatred is an emotion embedded in purity; for if there were anything the object of this emotion had in common with the protagonist, the basis of the hate would be self-immolating. Therefore, we can extrapolate throughout the decades that U.S. policies have remained largely unchanged, regardless of what one believes about the political process. During that time multi-national corporations have enjoyed the benefits of an ever-increasing footprint across the globe; all at the detriment of local populations, and the natural resources meant to benefit their citizens. But as we are realizing now, those reserves are finite, and the tension surrounding who truly controls them is growing.

One must realize the genesis of hate is embedded in flawed judgments governed by singularity of purpose. Those who are in control of the planet’s resources seem to have an unwavering sense that they know better than anyone how to deploy and benefit from that hegemony. This only serves the interests of those in control; who dismiss this concentration of wealth by imploring those who are not in the same position to get in the game and secure their own means.

For those whose energy is shaded such they all they want from life is to consume what they need to survive and thrive within a family this exponential harvesting of natural resources seems contrary to life’s purpose. Parasitic hoarding anchors one’s existence in the physical, and diminishes the spiritual. Purposeful volatility manufactured among global asset markets are meant to accomplish nothing more than the creation of greater wealth for those who control the markets … based in the United States and the West. Continued need for more extends that instability across the globe and into armed conflicts in order to secure further control of ever-decreasing natural resources.

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Society’s Ills: Created by the Forced Socialization Which Diminishes Free Expression

Whether the ills suffered by humans across the globe are physical or emotional, they can be traced to a single root cause; the inability to live one’s life expressing who they are as an individual, and not part of a larger collective. This phenomenon is purposeful as those who control the collectives are the ones who benefit the most from its formation.

Even in the most advanced of civilizations across the globe people are made to leave their homes each day and pursue a career that is deemed rewarding. The incentive for this behavior is an income. Sometimes it’s a living wage and other times a windfall. Those at the top of this scale often embrace an embellished sense of accomplishment. However, through the continual degradation of that civilization’s currency the results of a lifetime of sacrifice and effort are slowly deprived of its benefits. Successive generations may benefit from the hard work of those who came prior, but the scheme has been set into motion. Only those who control the collective will continue to build upon their wealth across succeeding generations.

Awareness of this trend may be conscious or it may build gradually in one’s psyche. With every movement dictated by others, natural human desire to provide for a family can be seeded across the decades of monotony by the frustration of not realizing one’s own potential. Dissatisfaction tears at the soul and either consumes physically through manifestations rooted in the consumption of items proven hazardous to one’s health; or when the souring of the spirit taints the flesh from within until the host is dead.

Manipulation of masses of citizenry is done effectively and efficiently by those in the media, government, and the entertainment industry; almost as if it were coordinated. Depth of thought among the masses has been removed by convincing people that life is but a binary existence; you either are or you are not. The smaller the box in which people define themselves the better. Thinking in terms of the universe cannot be tolerated in such a totalitarian setting. We define ourselves as a member of a certain family, or that we did not belong to the successful family in town. It’s either the right side of the tracks or the wrong; the right church or not; the right city or not. The list is almost limitless, but the possibilities for those who fall into the trap are finite, and eroding. Why is it that the totalitarians in America are fighting to keep the two-party political system? Because a third would force people who truly believed in the system to think on an additional level, and that may lead to another, and then another. Soon there would be a country of free thinkers, and we certainly cannot have that in order to maintain control.

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Is the Pineal Gland the Key to Life after Death?

Eternity and what it entails will always be the greatest debate over what truly happens when we die. Not many would argue that we are all products of the universe. Its mathematical precision is distorted and perverted when embodied in the human physical form. Mere instinctual need for survival forces humans to disregard the greater and eternal aspect of our existence in favor of that which nourishes our bodies in the short term. Awareness of a greater existence is only truly embodied on a personal level during the act of sex.

Combining two bodies that contain complimentary energies propels the participants into a state of ecstasy that propels their consciousness outside the physical; however briefly during orgasm. Sadly, society dictates that humans must spend more time away from the people who make them happy in order to provide a suitable existence.

As “civilization” has progressed, humans have convinced themselves that money, and the pursuit thereof, is a noble quest, and that those who are better at acquiring mammon are more worthy of the admiration from whomever they desire it. For those less narcissistic, it could be their family. Yet there are too many examples of that type of success leading to multiple sexual partners. That, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. However, to truly extend one’s life beyond death requires a combining of perfectly complimentary energies, without taint, dilution, or distraction from those around them.

The pineal gland, just like our eternal existence, remains one of the greatest mysteries of the human body. Ancient cultures refer to it as the third eye, given its ability to help us see outside our physical existence. Shamans, medicine men, oracles, and maybe even Nostradamus must have had the ability to tap into this vision of the universe and what it held for the human race. 

Research has shown that metatonin (an enzyme related to melatonin) is secreted by the pineal gland at times when humans are able to release themselves from physical constraints and experience the universe as it truly exists. It proves difficult to study because when it is released into the blood stream it is quickly killed off. Only when it is allowed to seep into the brain’s tissue does it prove effective. Scientists have isolated two times when metatonin is released by the pineal gland. The first is forty-nine days after conception, and this continues until about the age of three. The second is upon death. 

Clearly, metatonin’s purpose is the usher you into your physical existence as a child while maintaining your eternal connection to the universe. As we die it once again appears to help your soul make the transition into our eternal and ethereal existence. For those who are fortunate to have found your perfect mate eternity is easy to envision.

A more sinister side of our knowledge of the pineal gland is when we understand throughout history people having diabolically attempted to kill the effects of this gland. Is that because they want to keep humans from prospering in the afterlife, so they can continually be recycled onto the planet to serve masters who wish to stay here for eternity? What is known is that Sodium Fluoride leaves a greater amount of calcium deposits on the pineal gland than in bone or teeth. This restricts its ability to function properly, and has been shown to cause females to sexually mature faster. Granted this is all supposition. However, what is known is that Sodium Fluoride is necessary in the enrichment of uranium for use in atomic bombs. In the 1940s it was necessary to convince workers who were handling this substance that it was safe. This was accomplished by touting it as a way to strengthen children’s teeth and bones. That’s when it was introduced into the water supply.

Once again, the citizens of the United States are paying the price of a country that concentrates on developing the next weapon. Do yourself a favor; cleanse your pineal gland and open your mind to the life beyond earth. You have control over your eternity.


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What if John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King Came to Life in 2015?

There was an inflection point in American (and world) history, and it began with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. For those whose lives have transgressed that period, if you take the time to notice, that change should be palpable. Younger members of society should take the time to educate themselves as to what kind of man he was. All should at least be familiar with his admonition, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

It has been a long standing supposition that the catalyst for JFK’s assassination was that he was attempting to reign in the control of the money supply in the United States; transferring it from the Federal Reserve to the United States Treasury. Some may ask, “What’s the difference? From one government agency to another?” Therein rests the failure of most Americans (and maybe global citizens) to educate themselves and understand that all central banks (The Federal Reserve in the United States) are privately owned. Through boom and bust cycles the Federal Reserve has slowly confiscated the wealth of the citizens of the United States, like waves along the shoreline washing away sand. No one notices until your once beautiful beach house is submerged in water (a metaphor for debt). Since its inception in 1913 the value of the dollar has been reduced to zero. Inflation is the mechanism by which the oligarchs who own the Central Banks steal any wealth accumulated by generations, and slowly acquire power over the globe. Many feel that we are living in the end days.

Just as JFK implored the citizens of the US to be self-sufficient and strong individuals, Martin Luther King was the same kind of man for the African American community. Robin Williams once said, “Time is the best teacher, but it kills all of its pupils.” We must be able to employ hindsight to examine the true nature of world events. In 1964, the Civil Rights Act was passed at the urging of then President Lyndon Johnson. Prior to that (in 1963) MLK gave what most consider his greatest speech when he uttered the words, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” These are truly inspirational words by which we all should live.

Both of these great leaders embraced a doctrine by which all men should be treated equally and given the opportunity to succeed (or fail) on their own. It’s all too coincidental that both men were assassinated at a time when the United States undertook an unprecedented expansion of oppressive entitlement programs that have impoverished generations of Americans. Rather than think for themselves the politicians and community leaders who peddle these programs as being progressive evoke the words of these men to somehow gain recognition for themselves. That realization, in and of itself, should make all who take the time to understand the true value lies in historical figures, not those who are elected today. If either of these men were to miraculously come back to life in 2015, both would be embarrassed at the nation we’ve become.


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Binary Existence – Coloring Inside the Lines

From the earliest physical manifestation of our energy forces around us begin to exert their influence. Whether or not it is a conspiracy at the highest level of human existence, the answer probably won’t be known in any of our lifetimes. Our only hope is to experience some sort of epiphany once our physical vessels become no longer viable, and our energy is set free. Is it only then that being free from the constraints placed upon us by our physical beings is possible? No freakin’ way! That is what the elites want us to think, and keep us from venturing beyond our earthly existence. It is all about awareness, and this is a truth that our overlords don’t want us to understand.

 We are made to dutifully go to work on a daily basis and toil in a career that holds absolutely no reward beyond a measly paycheck not meant to last beyond that daily existence. And those who do it better than others are given promotions and called more intelligent. The religious concept of hell teaches the best way to keep those contented to being lost forever is by fooling them into thinking they aren’t actually in hell. This was discussed in an earlier post, “Is Earth Hell in Disguise?

Maybe those who are considered elites across the globe have some sort of a claim on controlling the planet on which we reside. And it is in their best interest to keep us all occupied by our meaningless careers, and issues that divide us, because it occupies that energy within us that could otherwise be focused on how we fit into this immense universe.

Having a mate with who one is perfectly matched is the key to life after death. Complimentary energy is needed in order to bind and propel souls beyond this earth and into the eternal existence that we all deserve. It does not matter that those people are of the same sex, race, or religion; only that they perfectly balance each other. How empowering is that realization?

Throughout our adult lives we have limits placed upon us; speed limits, age restrictions, gender biases, rules and regulations, etc. All of which are meant to communicate what we cannot do. Wake up “people.” (I could use a more colorful word, but the thought police would sanction me) Look around and realize that everything in your life that is meant to place restrictions on you is there for a purpose, and not one that is conducive to your overall well-being. They are meant to keep you occupied and doubting yourself. Free yourself of that dogma. Ring up your kindergarten teacher and tell her, “I can color outside the lines if I desire.”

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Einstein’s Cosmological Constant and how it relates to the Human Binary View on Life.

Einstein proposed his cosmological constant to address why the universe is neither expending nor contracting; which we now know is incorrect. However, the explanation that equal forces of energy are counteracting upon one another is useful when describing how humans interact. For the most part, interactions that humans experience throughout their lives are benign; however it is the force of the exchange of energy between beings that dictates the relationship’s course.
Scientists now understand that within our universe there are binary stars as well as comets. In order for this to occur there has to be an equal, yet offsetting force to maintain the relationship between the two bodies. Amino acids, the basic building blocks of life were delivered to earth on comets that slammed, and coalesced into the planet on which we reside. Having been subject to, and a proponent of each of these forces, humans have the ability to decide which they want to be, the hammer or the nail. This is the secret to life that most oligarchs understand. All it takes is the force of energy coming toward one for him/her to feel and become submissive, and who would blame anyone for attempting to gain the upper hand? It is up to the individual to understand the dynamic of the universe’s energy, and if need be, change the polarity from being one who accepts everything at face value; often a lie; or if they will be one who projects their energy
outward, into the universe, in an attempt to affect positive change.

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For Sale: United States of America

Absentee owner wishes to sell two hundred and thirty nine year old country. This is a turn-key opportunity to own what was once the most powerful nation on earth. All politicians have been bought and paid for, but ongoing cash infusions will be necessary to maintain the status-quo. The country has been owned outright not long after the assassination of John F Kennedy, and his brother, Bobby Kennedy, after their collective push to end the Federal Reserve. It may be necessary to carry out an assassination or two to maintain order.

Operational Highlights:

Multiple revenue streams from personal and corporate taxation, as well as corporate and lobbyist kick-backs.

Own the most powerful military in the world, with continued scientific resources being deployed into new and inventive ways to kill.

The Hollywood region of the nation will need to be maintained and even expanded as it is the vehicle that creates the illusion of prosperity in a nation that creates nothing. This is made easier by the fact that most citizens have been conditioned to think two dimensionally. All spectator sports will need to be maintained (or expanded) as well. These events instill a sense of accomplishment in those who fanatically follow a particular team.

It will be necessary to pit one segment of the population against all others occasionally. It is an especially effective diversionary tactic when passing laws that are “constitutional.” Using the binary approach is best, which, when implemented based upon a highly emotional issue creates the greatest distraction. A secondary effect is that citizens will pigeon hole themselves based on the desire to belong to a particular group which will, in turn, prevent them from coalescing into a revolutionary force.

Nuisance small businesses who claim to employ some many of the country’s citizens are withering on the vine and it won’t be long before the only business meetings you’ll need to attend are with other elites such as yourself.

Graft and corruption are the oils that keep the machine running.

General Manager (constitutionally referred to as the President) must be changed out every eight years. It’s possible that one must be changed after four years, but only if they screw up royally; but that hasn’t happened in the last twenty four years. Upon retiring it will be necessary to arrange cushy speaking engagements whereby they can take credit for their accomplishments, while earning nearly twenty million dollars per year.

Owner will accept only Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, or Precious stones as payment. We will not accept dollars, euros, pound sterling, or yen.

Since there are only a few of us who can afford such a purchase, we’ll make contact at any of the central banks across the globe by using the same passphrase we used at the 1991 Bilderberg conference.

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Is the Earth Hell in Disguise?

Metaphorically speaking, for the humans that occupy the orb the answer is an obvious “yes.” One cannot imagine a place in the universe whereby beings are made to perform menial tasks daily that yields nothing more than a token reward … and we’ve been convinced this is a noble pursuit. Purposeful distractions occupy the mind in order to keep it from venturing beyond the physical existence that seems so vital, but has very little bearing on the eternal existence we are all experiencing.

Religions across the globe teach of hell and all it holds for us. Ancient texts speak of a hell that embodies both extreme heat and cold. The earth has both. It is not until human beings embrace these teachings and convert them into the use that best suits them that we learn of the fire and brimstone that awaits those who go against the teachings of God. Why would this be necessary if the earth truly is the final state of existence for a wayward soul? So that those who desire to exert influence will instill fear in their followers of a circumstance worse than the one they are currently experiencing … and become controlled.

Unadulterated use of one’s mind must always take note of the counter-argument; what about all of the good in the world? Religion teaches us that heaven is a place of perfection. Given all of the imperfections in the physical world, we must apply the synonym “purity” when describing the existence to which we all aspire. Earth does not hold this type of existence and never has. Only those who are pure of thought and free of anything greater than the most basic of desires are our children.

There are two points in our existence when humans desire a perfect existence; when we are young have our entire lives ahead of us, and as we approach that inevitable day when our flesh will die and make way for the energy that resides in us all to free itself of the many imperfections we’ve endured over the decades, and move into an eternal existence; a pure one.

Constant circulation of energy around the earth intertwines itself among the planet’s many inhabitants in a spider’s web that encases and entraps those who pursue a merely physical existence. Wanton desires can only be overcome shifting one’s focus from the basic needs to sustain a physical life to those that will ensure an eternal one. If one cannot, or will not, make the distinction between the two they will be damned to repeat the life cycle again. This will be manifested in one of two ways; either by experiencing reincarnation of the spiritual soul doomed to inhabit another physical manifestation anchored to the planet, or by being anchored within the DNA of each new inhabitant that comes forth upon earth. Either’s purpose is to allow those who fail in the current manifestation of life another chance at redemption. Most religions tell us that there is the possibility of salvation … an escape from hell. Yet earth occupies a spot at the edge of the universe resembling a period, the end point. It is our duty to expand our mind beyond this existence, and embrace the eternal … and give our children the same freedom from tyranny.

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My Wife Calls Me a Hippie – Should That Piss Me Off?

Given my penchant for all things natural I have been given that decades old moniker by my soul-mate. At first, since I am a child of the sixties, it was welcomed, even going so far as to imagine myself with long hair and a tie-died t-shirt. As I began to digest the history of hippies I began to take offense. The hippie generation began with the first children of the Baby Boomers; those born after World War II. Certainly, stories of the horrors of war were passed down to this new generation and they wanted nothing to do with it when it came time for them to serve during Vietnam. Obviously, there were those of the same generation who did serve … and die in a faraway land.

A lifetime of experience has taught me that war is about nothing more than money and resources. Insatiable lust for “more” keep the bombs falling all over the globe, fueled by public sentiment as a result of mainstream media conjured fear that someone wants to kill us all. This degradation has not suddenly occurred. It has developed over the last four decades; those in which the hippie generation were in control. During that time corporate profits were deemed to only have to increase, lest one be called a failure. How can that possibly make sense, when we all understand that the earth has a finite amount of resources. So, in order for those elements to which we exert control increase, someone else’s must decrease, and therein lies the parasitic nature of the human race.

Exacerbating things even further is the understanding that in order for corporate profits to continually increase the money supply must do the same. The amount of money in each of  the consumers’ collective pockets must increase, which fuels inflation, which in turn destroys the wealth accumulated over the lifetimes of the working class. Evil created by an incessant need for “more” by the ruling class.

I’ve seen several documentaries about how hippies have brought about many positive changes to our society due to their free thinking, and breaking down the status quo. But why would a true hippie need to force products onto people that were well beyond their basic needs; the main tenant of hippie-ism for those living on collectives? Instead, after emerging from their drug induced haze they figured out they actually have to produce something to get by in this world. And, with the same zest for life with which they railed against illegitimate wars they pursued corporate board rooms. Now, at the end of their tenure and as they slowly fade into the retirement communities accompanied by vast fortunes, let us look at what they’ve accomplished. Healthcare for all, in a system where no one can opt out without being penalized, and whose rates are set to increase 20-50% in 2016; thereby crippling an already shaky economy. More recipients of food stamps than at any time in  history. $18 trillion in debt, and that’s just what they report. No one talks about the almost three hundred trillion of liabilities for the GSEs. Constant wars across the globe, regardless of what is reported on the news. Very few monopolistic corporations left to exert competitive forces onto each other for the benefit of consumers. Nearly ninety-five million U.S. citizens of working age who have given up looking. (Ever wonder how they can report unemployment at 5.3% … lies)

For those who profess to have cast away the need for material possessions in order to experience a fuller life, their generation has certainly done a number on the world. Manipulating the system such that younger generations are left holding the bag for your sizable portfolio is counter to everything your professed about your existence. The live-and-let-live attitude you espoused in the sixties has become a take-it-or-leave-it of the new millennium. The arrogance with which you prescribe how everyone else should conduct themselves is laughable. The generation subsequent to the one referred to as, “The Greatest Generation,” has its own aptly earned moniker; The Most Selfish Generation.

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What is Bitcoin Worth?

First, let’s make it perfectly clear that I am not offering any sort of investing advice. Bitcoin, and its underlying block-chain are however a very intriguing proposition. If you haven’t availed yourself of the plethora of articles and Youtube videos describing exactly what Bitcoin is and how it works, do yourself a favor and educate yourself to this potentially life-changing phenomenon.

It cannot be emphasized enough when looking at Bitcoin one must divorce themselves from what we’ve been taught qualifies as a currency. The coin itself is merely a measure of the transactional capabilities of the underlying structure. It does have value, and that’s what I’ve been contemplating for the last year. How do you know how much each Bitcoin is worth?

For so long I have tried to view Bitcoin like I would a stock, and it’s very hard for me to invest in any financial instrument that is trading over $100, let alone $200. But this is not a stock; it’s a global network meant to facilitate the movement of money across the globe with much less friction that the current system. I’ve never been one to prescribe to religious teachings for anything more than historical context. However, if the story of Jesus over-turning the money changers’ tables is true (and even if it’s not) than the vig charged by banks has been a societal issue for thousands of years.

Since anyone who buys Bitcoin is purchasing a piece of the network that enables global financial transactions, I personally believe that when must break that network down to its least common denominator. In this case it’s called a Satoshi. When you look at a Bitcoin, its value is stated as 1.00000000. The zero the farthest to the right is a Satoshi, and if anyone wants to send a transaction across the network, you must own at least that denomination on which to piggy-back the transaction. That is why you cannot separate the Bitcoin from the underlying block-chain. So, that Satoshi has to have some value, right? So how do we place a value on it?

I’ll start with how much it would cost to wire a thousand dollars from Orlando, FL to Hong Kong via Western Union. Per their website, the least one would be charged for this transfer is $12. If we place that as a value for the one Satoshi, that would mean each Bitcoin would be worth $1.2 billion dollars.

Obviously, the purpose of Bitcoin is to remove the friction from the system, so that valuation would be well overstated. However, there has to be some value to this new network … and coin. Even if that Satoshi was worth a penny, the value of each Bitcoin would be one million dollars.

Am I saying that these values should be considered fair values? Of course not. However, it does illustrate that there is a great deal of value in the network that has already been built, and seeks out innovation and acceptance. One thing I have learned in my life is that when someone looks me in the eye and tells me, “This is the best alternative for you.” The passion with which they try to transfer “need” to me is nothing more than a reflection of their own wanton desires. When financial experts tell you, via the main stream media, that Bitcoin is worthless, take the opportunity to think for yourself. No one else will.

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