Mythical or Mainstream – Which are You?

There is a very fine edge on which what is real and what is mythical come together and create the necessary environment to propel one’s soul into its deserved eternal state. Most humans chase that ethereal mist in all the wrong places, which is no fault of their own. We have been conditioned to accept the mainstream ideals that perpetuate this notion. Only through experiencing life in its most basic can we allow ourselves the opportunity to bond physically, through sex, and emotionally, with that person who helps us achieve a heightened state of awareness.

Mainstream forces will have you believe that which you cannot touch is embodied within the notion of celebrity they’re peddling. A broad brush may be able to cover the needs one has to find a compliment to their own existence, but only sloppily so. Sadly, by allowing this to happen it removes focus from what is truly important. Subscribing to mainstream propaganda will accomplish nothing throughout one’s life. It only bloats our understanding of what life should be. What’s most dangerous in subscribing to such nonsense is that it forces us to place our faith in images that embody nothing more than a fragile existence.

For those of us who have been fortunate to lead a long and fulfilled life we understand that as time draws nigh that which is important can be counted on less than a single hand. As we age we discard the synthetic in favor of that which is genuine. Our circle of friends decreases to only those we can communicate with honestly; and we are thankful for that understanding.

Only our imagination can create a vision of what awaits us after we die, but we choose to believe it will be an extension of our bound souls. Healthy bodies beget healthy souls, and it is incumbent upon those who desire the most from eternity to take care of both the physical as well as the emotional being. It is that mythical existence that we all crave.

Let us combine our physical and mythical selves at this moment in time in order to achieve the nirvana we crave.

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