The Universe’s Energy Resides in Us All

Human age and that of the universe stand in stark contrast. Our physical presence and its endurance can be compared to the size of a snowflake versus our Earthly atmosphere. Questions about how we can extend our existence beyond death have raged since man’s development of consciousness.

As we age our bodies become less flexible, strong, and generally decay; which is in direct contradiction to the energy that continues to grow within each of us. A myriad of experiences continues to grow throughout life; however, they are nothing more than mere puzzle pieces scattered about in our conscious and sub-conscious minds like so many stars in the heavens.

Energy must be concentrated in order to exert its most influential effect. There are so many facets of energy, positive and negative, that are attracted to that which resides in others. What’s difficult is the recognition when associations become counterproductive. That recognition is made more difficult because the aspect of the energy of an associate, that might be detrimental to our growth, also resides in us. However, that person may make that portion of his soul the dominant, and it is recessive within ourselves; but still recognizable and comfortable.

Lovers will come and go, but once the right energy comes into your life, and compliments that which you embrace, all others become irrelevant. Experiences turn from respective to prospective. What awaits you both, in an infinite future together, is only limited by human imagination. That, can only pale in comparison to reality.

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