My Wife Calls Me a Hippie – Should That Piss Me Off?

Given my penchant for all things natural I have been given that decades old moniker by my soul-mate. At first, since I am a child of the sixties, it was welcomed, even going so far as to imagine myself with long hair and a tie-died t-shirt. As I began to digest the history of hippies I began to take offense. The hippie generation began with the first children of the Baby Boomers; those born after World War II. Certainly, stories of the horrors of war were passed down to this new generation and they wanted nothing to do with it when it came time for them to serve during Vietnam. Obviously, there were those of the same generation who did serve … and die in a faraway land.

A lifetime of experience has taught me that war is about nothing more than money and resources. Insatiable lust for “more” keep the bombs falling all over the globe, fueled by public sentiment as a result of mainstream media conjured fear that someone wants to kill us all. This degradation has not suddenly occurred. It has developed over the last four decades; those in which the hippie generation were in control. During that time corporate profits were deemed to only have to increase, lest one be called a failure. How can that possibly make sense, when we all understand that the earth has a finite amount of resources. So, in order for those elements to which we exert control increase, someone else’s must decrease, and therein lies the parasitic nature of the human race.

Exacerbating things even further is the understanding that in order for corporate profits to continually increase the money supply must do the same. The amount of money in each of  the consumers’ collective pockets must increase, which fuels inflation, which in turn destroys the wealth accumulated over the lifetimes of the working class. Evil created by an incessant need for “more” by the ruling class.

I’ve seen several documentaries about how hippies have brought about many positive changes to our society due to their free thinking, and breaking down the status quo. But why would a true hippie need to force products onto people that were well beyond their basic needs; the main tenant of hippie-ism for those living on collectives? Instead, after emerging from their drug induced haze they figured out they actually have to produce something to get by in this world. And, with the same zest for life with which they railed against illegitimate wars they pursued corporate board rooms. Now, at the end of their tenure and as they slowly fade into the retirement communities accompanied by vast fortunes, let us look at what they’ve accomplished. Healthcare for all, in a system where no one can opt out without being penalized, and whose rates are set to increase 20-50% in 2016; thereby crippling an already shaky economy. More recipients of food stamps than at any time in  history. $18 trillion in debt, and that’s just what they report. No one talks about the almost three hundred trillion of liabilities for the GSEs. Constant wars across the globe, regardless of what is reported on the news. Very few monopolistic corporations left to exert competitive forces onto each other for the benefit of consumers. Nearly ninety-five million U.S. citizens of working age who have given up looking. (Ever wonder how they can report unemployment at 5.3% … lies)

For those who profess to have cast away the need for material possessions in order to experience a fuller life, their generation has certainly done a number on the world. Manipulating the system such that younger generations are left holding the bag for your sizable portfolio is counter to everything your professed about your existence. The live-and-let-live attitude you espoused in the sixties has become a take-it-or-leave-it of the new millennium. The arrogance with which you prescribe how everyone else should conduct themselves is laughable. The generation subsequent to the one referred to as, “The Greatest Generation,” has its own aptly earned moniker; The Most Selfish Generation.

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