For Sale: United States of America

Absentee owner wishes to sell two hundred and thirty nine year old country. This is a turn-key opportunity to own what was once the most powerful nation on earth. All politicians have been bought and paid for, but ongoing cash infusions will be necessary to maintain the status-quo. The country has been owned outright not long after the assassination of John F Kennedy, and his brother, Bobby Kennedy, after their collective push to end the Federal Reserve. It may be necessary to carry out an assassination or two to maintain order.

Operational Highlights:

Multiple revenue streams from personal and corporate taxation, as well as corporate and lobbyist kick-backs.

Own the most powerful military in the world, with continued scientific resources being deployed into new and inventive ways to kill.

The Hollywood region of the nation will need to be maintained and even expanded as it is the vehicle that creates the illusion of prosperity in a nation that creates nothing. This is made easier by the fact that most citizens have been conditioned to think two dimensionally. All spectator sports will need to be maintained (or expanded) as well. These events instill a sense of accomplishment in those who fanatically follow a particular team.

It will be necessary to pit one segment of the population against all others occasionally. It is an especially effective diversionary tactic when passing laws that are “constitutional.” Using the binary approach is best, which, when implemented based upon a highly emotional issue creates the greatest distraction. A secondary effect is that citizens will pigeon hole themselves based on the desire to belong to a particular group which will, in turn, prevent them from coalescing into a revolutionary force.

Nuisance small businesses who claim to employ some many of the country’s citizens are withering on the vine and it won’t be long before the only business meetings you’ll need to attend are with other elites such as yourself.

Graft and corruption are the oils that keep the machine running.

General Manager (constitutionally referred to as the President) must be changed out every eight years. It’s possible that one must be changed after four years, but only if they screw up royally; but that hasn’t happened in the last twenty four years. Upon retiring it will be necessary to arrange cushy speaking engagements whereby they can take credit for their accomplishments, while earning nearly twenty million dollars per year.

Owner will accept only Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, or Precious stones as payment. We will not accept dollars, euros, pound sterling, or yen.

Since there are only a few of us who can afford such a purchase, we’ll make contact at any of the central banks across the globe by using the same passphrase we used at the 1991 Bilderberg conference.

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