Einstein’s Cosmological Constant and how it relates to the Human Binary View on Life.

Einstein proposed his cosmological constant to address why the universe is neither expending nor contracting; which we now know is incorrect. However, the explanation that equal forces of energy are counteracting upon one another is useful when describing how humans interact. For the most part, interactions that humans experience throughout their lives are benign; however it is the force of the exchange of energy between beings that dictates the relationship’s course.
Scientists now understand that within our universe there are binary stars as well as comets. In order for this to occur there has to be an equal, yet offsetting force to maintain the relationship between the two bodies. Amino acids, the basic building blocks of life were delivered to earth on comets that slammed, and coalesced into the planet on which we reside. Having been subject to, and a proponent of each of these forces, humans have the ability to decide which they want to be, the hammer or the nail. This is the secret to life that most oligarchs understand. All it takes is the force of energy coming toward one for him/her to feel and become submissive, and who would blame anyone for attempting to gain the upper hand? It is up to the individual to understand the dynamic of the universe’s energy, and if need be, change the polarity from being one who accepts everything at face value; often a lie; or if they will be one who projects their energy
outward, into the universe, in an attempt to affect positive change.

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