Binary Existence – Coloring Inside the Lines

From the earliest physical manifestation of our energy forces around us begin to exert their influence. Whether or not it is a conspiracy at the highest level of human existence, the answer probably won’t be known in any of our lifetimes. Our only hope is to experience some sort of epiphany once our physical vessels become no longer viable, and our energy is set free. Is it only then that being free from the constraints placed upon us by our physical beings is possible? No freakin’ way! That is what the elites want us to think, and keep us from venturing beyond our earthly existence. It is all about awareness, and this is a truth that our overlords don’t want us to understand.

 We are made to dutifully go to work on a daily basis and toil in a career that holds absolutely no reward beyond a measly paycheck not meant to last beyond that daily existence. And those who do it better than others are given promotions and called more intelligent. The religious concept of hell teaches the best way to keep those contented to being lost forever is by fooling them into thinking they aren’t actually in hell. This was discussed in an earlier post, “Is Earth Hell in Disguise?

Maybe those who are considered elites across the globe have some sort of a claim on controlling the planet on which we reside. And it is in their best interest to keep us all occupied by our meaningless careers, and issues that divide us, because it occupies that energy within us that could otherwise be focused on how we fit into this immense universe.

Having a mate with who one is perfectly matched is the key to life after death. Complimentary energy is needed in order to bind and propel souls beyond this earth and into the eternal existence that we all deserve. It does not matter that those people are of the same sex, race, or religion; only that they perfectly balance each other. How empowering is that realization?

Throughout our adult lives we have limits placed upon us; speed limits, age restrictions, gender biases, rules and regulations, etc. All of which are meant to communicate what we cannot do. Wake up “people.” (I could use a more colorful word, but the thought police would sanction me) Look around and realize that everything in your life that is meant to place restrictions on you is there for a purpose, and not one that is conducive to your overall well-being. They are meant to keep you occupied and doubting yourself. Free yourself of that dogma. Ring up your kindergarten teacher and tell her, “I can color outside the lines if I desire.”

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