Is the Pineal Gland the Key to Life after Death?

Eternity and what it entails will always be the greatest debate over what truly happens when we die. Not many would argue that we are all products of the universe. Its mathematical precision is distorted and perverted when embodied in the human physical form. Mere instinctual need for survival forces humans to disregard the greater and eternal aspect of our existence in favor of that which nourishes our bodies in the short term. Awareness of a greater existence is only truly embodied on a personal level during the act of sex.

Combining two bodies that contain complimentary energies propels the participants into a state of ecstasy that propels their consciousness outside the physical; however briefly during orgasm. Sadly, society dictates that humans must spend more time away from the people who make them happy in order to provide a suitable existence.

As “civilization” has progressed, humans have convinced themselves that money, and the pursuit thereof, is a noble quest, and that those who are better at acquiring mammon are more worthy of the admiration from whomever they desire it. For those less narcissistic, it could be their family. Yet there are too many examples of that type of success leading to multiple sexual partners. That, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. However, to truly extend one’s life beyond death requires a combining of perfectly complimentary energies, without taint, dilution, or distraction from those around them.

The pineal gland, just like our eternal existence, remains one of the greatest mysteries of the human body. Ancient cultures refer to it as the third eye, given its ability to help us see outside our physical existence. Shamans, medicine men, oracles, and maybe even Nostradamus must have had the ability to tap into this vision of the universe and what it held for the human race. 

Research has shown that metatonin (an enzyme related to melatonin) is secreted by the pineal gland at times when humans are able to release themselves from physical constraints and experience the universe as it truly exists. It proves difficult to study because when it is released into the blood stream it is quickly killed off. Only when it is allowed to seep into the brain’s tissue does it prove effective. Scientists have isolated two times when metatonin is released by the pineal gland. The first is forty-nine days after conception, and this continues until about the age of three. The second is upon death. 

Clearly, metatonin’s purpose is the usher you into your physical existence as a child while maintaining your eternal connection to the universe. As we die it once again appears to help your soul make the transition into our eternal and ethereal existence. For those who are fortunate to have found your perfect mate eternity is easy to envision.

A more sinister side of our knowledge of the pineal gland is when we understand throughout history people having diabolically attempted to kill the effects of this gland. Is that because they want to keep humans from prospering in the afterlife, so they can continually be recycled onto the planet to serve masters who wish to stay here for eternity? What is known is that Sodium Fluoride leaves a greater amount of calcium deposits on the pineal gland than in bone or teeth. This restricts its ability to function properly, and has been shown to cause females to sexually mature faster. Granted this is all supposition. However, what is known is that Sodium Fluoride is necessary in the enrichment of uranium for use in atomic bombs. In the 1940s it was necessary to convince workers who were handling this substance that it was safe. This was accomplished by touting it as a way to strengthen children’s teeth and bones. That’s when it was introduced into the water supply.

Once again, the citizens of the United States are paying the price of a country that concentrates on developing the next weapon. Do yourself a favor; cleanse your pineal gland and open your mind to the life beyond earth. You have control over your eternity.


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