Society’s Ills: Created by the Forced Socialization Which Diminishes Free Expression

Whether the ills suffered by humans across the globe are physical or emotional, they can be traced to a single root cause; the inability to live one’s life expressing who they are as an individual, and not part of a larger collective. This phenomenon is purposeful as those who control the collectives are the ones who benefit the most from its formation.

Even in the most advanced of civilizations across the globe people are made to leave their homes each day and pursue a career that is deemed rewarding. The incentive for this behavior is an income. Sometimes it’s a living wage and other times a windfall. Those at the top of this scale often embrace an embellished sense of accomplishment. However, through the continual degradation of that civilization’s currency the results of a lifetime of sacrifice and effort are slowly deprived of its benefits. Successive generations may benefit from the hard work of those who came prior, but the scheme has been set into motion. Only those who control the collective will continue to build upon their wealth across succeeding generations.

Awareness of this trend may be conscious or it may build gradually in one’s psyche. With every movement dictated by others, natural human desire to provide for a family can be seeded across the decades of monotony by the frustration of not realizing one’s own potential. Dissatisfaction tears at the soul and either consumes physically through manifestations rooted in the consumption of items proven hazardous to one’s health; or when the souring of the spirit taints the flesh from within until the host is dead.

Manipulation of masses of citizenry is done effectively and efficiently by those in the media, government, and the entertainment industry; almost as if it were coordinated. Depth of thought among the masses has been removed by convincing people that life is but a binary existence; you either are or you are not. The smaller the box in which people define themselves the better. Thinking in terms of the universe cannot be tolerated in such a totalitarian setting. We define ourselves as a member of a certain family, or that we did not belong to the successful family in town. It’s either the right side of the tracks or the wrong; the right church or not; the right city or not. The list is almost limitless, but the possibilities for those who fall into the trap are finite, and eroding. Why is it that the totalitarians in America are fighting to keep the two-party political system? Because a third would force people who truly believed in the system to think on an additional level, and that may lead to another, and then another. Soon there would be a country of free thinkers, and we certainly cannot have that in order to maintain control.

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