Is Hatred America’s Most Prolific Export?

Anyone who has been alive for the last five decades, and lived in America, can certainly feel a palpable difference in how everyday Americans interact with one another. Stress levels have increased with debt levels, both personal and for governments both state and federal. It’s as though citizens can sense the value of all they’ve worked so hard to acquire over their lifetimes is about to evaporate in a depression-ary wave like no other witnessed. That is due to all the free money the federal government has printed since the United States abandoned the gold standard in 1971. By forcing governments to abide by a strict standard requiring every dollar in circulation to be backed by a fixed amount of the precious metal it keeps those politicians honest, in that they cannot spend more than we have.

Now, in 2015, we have over eighteen trillion dollars in debt, and that is only what the government admits to owing. In reality, when you take into account all of the unfunded liabilities, some estimates have the U.S.’s portion alone near 275 trillion dollars. Let that sink in. It’s almost as though someone (or the relative few who actually control the world through privately held central banks) had access to the printing presses and simply kept them running for their own benefit. Hmm.

What makes the impending depression worse than any other we’ve experienced is that this time it’s truly global. Over the decades the United States has convinced countries across the globe that our way of operating is truly the best way to freedom, and they have embraced it whole-heartedly; racking up trillions of dollars of debt of their own that has become unsustainable. But why?

Hatred is an emotion embedded in purity; for if there were anything the object of this emotion had in common with the protagonist, the basis of the hate would be self-immolating. Therefore, we can extrapolate throughout the decades that U.S. policies have remained largely unchanged, regardless of what one believes about the political process. During that time multi-national corporations have enjoyed the benefits of an ever-increasing footprint across the globe; all at the detriment of local populations, and the natural resources meant to benefit their citizens. But as we are realizing now, those reserves are finite, and the tension surrounding who truly controls them is growing.

One must realize the genesis of hate is embedded in flawed judgments governed by singularity of purpose. Those who are in control of the planet’s resources seem to have an unwavering sense that they know better than anyone how to deploy and benefit from that hegemony. This only serves the interests of those in control; who dismiss this concentration of wealth by imploring those who are not in the same position to get in the game and secure their own means.

For those whose energy is shaded such they all they want from life is to consume what they need to survive and thrive within a family this exponential harvesting of natural resources seems contrary to life’s purpose. Parasitic hoarding anchors one’s existence in the physical, and diminishes the spiritual. Purposeful volatility manufactured among global asset markets are meant to accomplish nothing more than the creation of greater wealth for those who control the markets … based in the United States and the West. Continued need for more extends that instability across the globe and into armed conflicts in order to secure further control of ever-decreasing natural resources.

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