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Binary Existence – Coloring Inside the Lines

From the earliest physical manifestation of our energy forces around us begin to exert their influence. Whether or not it is a conspiracy at the highest level of human existence, the answer probably won’t be known in any of our lifetimes. Our only hope is to experience some sort of epiphany once our physical vessels become no longer viable, and our energy is set free. Is it only then that being free from the constraints placed upon us by our physical beings is possible? No freakin’ way! That is what the elites want us to think, and keep us from venturing beyond our earthly existence. It is all about awareness, and this is a truth that our overlords don’t want us to understand. Continue reading

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Is the Earth Hell in Disguise?

Constant circulation of energy around the earth intertwines itself among the planet’s many inhabitants in a spider’s web that encases and entraps those who pursue a merely physical existence. Wanton desires can only be overcome shifting one’s focus from the basic needs to sustain a physical life to those that will ensure an eternal one. If one cannot, or will not, make the distinction between the two they will be damned to repeat the life cycle again. This will be manifested in one of two ways; either by experiencing reincarnation of the spiritual soul doomed to inhabit another physical manifestation anchored to the planet, or by being anchored within the DNA of each new inhabitant that is bore upon earth. Either’s purpose is to allow those who fail in the current manifestation of life another chance at redemption. Most religions tell us that there is the possibility of salvation … an escape from hell. Yet earth occupies a spot at the edge of the universe resembling a period, the end point. It is our duty to expand our mind beyond this existence, and embrace the eternal … and give our children the same freedom from tyranny. Continue reading

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