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What if John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King Came to Life in 2015?

Both of these great leaders embraced a doctrine by which all men should be treated equally and given the opportunity to succeed (or fail) on their own. It’s all too coincidental that both men were assassinated at a time when the United States undertook an unprecedented expansion of oppressive entitlement programs that have impoverished generations of Americans. Rather than think for themselves the politicians and community leaders who peddle these programs as being progressive evoke the words of these men to somehow gain recognition for themselves. That realization, in and of itself, should make all who take the time to understand the true value lies in historical figures, not those who are elected today. If either of these men were to miraculously come back to life in 2015, both would be embarrassed at the nation we’ve become. Continue reading

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Einstein’s Cosmological Constant and how it relates to the Human Binary View on Life.

Einstein proposed his cosmological constant to address why the universe is neither expending nor contracting; which we now know is incorrect. However, the explanation that equal forces of energy are counteracting upon one another is useful when describing how humans interact. For the most part, interactions that humans experience throughout their lives are benign; however it is the force of the exchange of energy between beings that dictates the relationship’s course.
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