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Society’s Ills: Created by the Forced Socialization Which Diminishes Free Expression

Whether the ills suffered by humans across the globe are physical or emotional, they can be traced to a single root cause; the inability to live one’s life expressing who they are as an individual, and not part of a larger collective. This phenomenon is purposeful as those who control the collectives are the ones who benefit the most from its formation. Continue reading

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What if John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King Came to Life in 2015?

Both of these great leaders embraced a doctrine by which all men should be treated equally and given the opportunity to succeed (or fail) on their own. It’s all too coincidental that both men were assassinated at a time when the United States undertook an unprecedented expansion of oppressive entitlement programs that have impoverished generations of Americans. Rather than think for themselves the politicians and community leaders who peddle these programs as being progressive evoke the words of these men to somehow gain recognition for themselves. That realization, in and of itself, should make all who take the time to understand the true value lies in historical figures, not those who are elected today. If either of these men were to miraculously come back to life in 2015, both would be embarrassed at the nation we’ve become. Continue reading

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Binary Existence – Coloring Inside the Lines

From the earliest physical manifestation of our energy forces around us begin to exert their influence. Whether or not it is a conspiracy at the highest level of human existence, the answer probably won’t be known in any of our lifetimes. Our only hope is to experience some sort of epiphany once our physical vessels become no longer viable, and our energy is set free. Is it only then that being free from the constraints placed upon us by our physical beings is possible? No freakin’ way! That is what the elites want us to think, and keep us from venturing beyond our earthly existence. It is all about awareness, and this is a truth that our overlords don’t want us to understand. Continue reading

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Einstein’s Cosmological Constant and how it relates to the Human Binary View on Life.

Einstein proposed his cosmological constant to address why the universe is neither expending nor contracting; which we now know is incorrect. However, the explanation that equal forces of energy are counteracting upon one another is useful when describing how humans interact. For the most part, interactions that humans experience throughout their lives are benign; however it is the force of the exchange of energy between beings that dictates the relationship’s course.
Continue reading

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For Sale: United States of America

Absentee owner wishes to sell two hundred and thirty nine year old country. This is a turn-key opportunity to own what was once the most powerful nation on earth. All politicians have been bought and paid for, but ongoing cash infusions will be necessary to maintain the status-quo. The country has been owned outright not long after the assassination of John F Kennedy, and his brother, Bobby Kennedy, after their collective push to end the Federal Reserve. It may be necessary to carry out an assassination or two to maintain order. Continue reading

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Is the Earth Hell in Disguise?

Constant circulation of energy around the earth intertwines itself among the planet’s many inhabitants in a spider’s web that encases and entraps those who pursue a merely physical existence. Wanton desires can only be overcome shifting one’s focus from the basic needs to sustain a physical life to those that will ensure an eternal one. If one cannot, or will not, make the distinction between the two they will be damned to repeat the life cycle again. This will be manifested in one of two ways; either by experiencing reincarnation of the spiritual soul doomed to inhabit another physical manifestation anchored to the planet, or by being anchored within the DNA of each new inhabitant that is bore upon earth. Either’s purpose is to allow those who fail in the current manifestation of life another chance at redemption. Most religions tell us that there is the possibility of salvation … an escape from hell. Yet earth occupies a spot at the edge of the universe resembling a period, the end point. It is our duty to expand our mind beyond this existence, and embrace the eternal … and give our children the same freedom from tyranny. Continue reading

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My Wife Calls Me a Hippie – Should That Piss Me Off?

For those who profess to have cast away the need for material possessions in order to experience a fuller life, their generation has certainly done a number on the world. Manipulating the system such that younger generations are left holding the bag for your sizable portfolio is counter to everything your professed about your existence. The live-and-let-live attitude you espoused in the sixties has become a take-it-or-leave-it of the new millennium. The arrogance with which you prescribe how everyone else should conduct themselves is laughable. The generation subsequent to the one referred to as, “The Greatest Generation,” has its own aptly earned moniker; The Most Selfish Generation. Continue reading

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What is Bitcoin Worth?

First, let’s make it perfectly clear that I am not offering any sort of investing advice. Bitcoin, and its underlying block-chain are however a very intriguing proposition. If you haven’t availed yourself of the plethora of articles and Youtube videos describing exactly what Bitcoin is and how it works, do yourself a favor and educate yourself to this potentially life-changing phenomenon.

It cannot be emphasized enough when looking at Bitcoin one must divorce themselves from what we’ve been taught qualifies as a currency. The coin itself is merely a measure of the transactional capabilities of the underlying structure. It does have value, and that’s what I’ve been contemplating for the last year. How do you know how much each Bitcoin is worth?

For so long I have tried to view Bitcoin like I would a stock, and it’s very hard for me to invest in any financial instrument that is trading over $100, let alone $200. But this is not a stock; it’s a global network meant to facilitate the movement of money across the globe with much less friction that the current system. I’ve never been one to prescribe to religious teachings for anything more than historical context. However, if the story of Jesus over-turning the money changers’ tables is true (and even if it’s not) than the vig charged by banks has been a societal issue for thousands of years.

Since anyone who buys Bitcoin is purchasing a piece of the network that enables global financial transactions, I personally believe that when must break that network down to its least common denominator. In this case it’s called a Satoshi. When you look at a Bitcoin, its value is stated as 1.00000000. The zero the farthest to the right is a Satoshi, and if anyone wants to send a transaction across the network, you must own at least that denomination on which to piggy-back the transaction. That is why you cannot separate the Bitcoin from the underlying block-chain. So, that Satoshi has to have some value, right? So how do we place a value on it?

I’ll start with how much it would cost to wire a thousand dollars from Orlando, FL to Hong Kong via Western Union. Per their website, the least one would be charged for this transfer is $12. If we place that as a value for the one Satoshi, that would mean each Bitcoin would be worth $1.2 billion dollars.
Obviously, the purpose of Bitcoin is to remove the friction from the system, so that valuation would be well overstated. However, there has to be some value to this new network … and coin. Even if that Satoshi was worth a penny, the value of each Bitcoin would be one million dollars.

Am I saying that these values should be considered fair values? Of course not. However, it does illustrate that there is a great deal of value in the network that has already been built, and seeks out innovation and acceptance. One thing I have learned in my life is that when someone looks me in the eye and tells me, “This is the best alternative for you.” The passion with which they try to transfer “need” to me is nothing more than a reflection of their own wanton desires. When financial experts tell you, via the main stream media, that Bitcoin is worthless, take the opportunity to think for yourself. No one else will.
Continue reading

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Knowledge and Understanding

Knowledge and understanding offers one the opportunity to assess exactly what happens in the world around them. Universal energy varies to the degree that it inhabits each human on earth, and its emission from those beings are in direct contrast to the pure expression sought by individuals.
Continue reading

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The Universe’s Energy Resides in Us All

Lovers will come and go, but once the right energy comes into your life, and compliments that which you embrace, all others become irrelevant. Experiences turn from respective to prospective. What awaits you both, in an infinite future together, is only limited by human imagination. That, can only pale in comparison to reality. Continue reading

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